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    Astro Gemini Software is happy to offer you a selection of great animated 3D screensavers. They have been arranged into several outstanding theme collections and are now available on CDs!

Benefits of getting our screensavers on CD:
CD prices are significantly lower than the regular prices for the content they contain.

Buy it as a gift for someone and it will be delivered to them along with a personal message from you.

Easily reinstall software after a computer or hard drive crash.

The CD is delivered right to your doorstep (we deliver to any country of the world!).

The CD contains full versions, i.e. all features of the screensavers are available.

The CDs also contain shareware (demo) versions of other great Astro Gemini Software products, and you can order them online (or order other CDs for them if available).

Fish Aquarium 3D Screensaver
Green Valley 3D Screensaver
3D Waterfall Screensaver
Lighthouse 3D Screensaver
3D Bungalow Aquarium Screensaver
Forest Life 3D Screensaver
Winter 3D Screensaver
Christmas Time 3D Screensaver
Solar System 3D Screensaver
Planet Earth 3D Screensaver
Star Wars 3D Screensaver
Army of Darkness 3D Screensaver
Treasure Vault 3D Screensaver
Magic Forest 3D Screensaver
Pirate Ship 3D Screensaver
3D Matrix Screensaver
3D Merry Christmas Screensaver
Valentine's Day 3D Screensaver
Christmas Time 3D Screensaver
3D Spooky Halloween Screensaver
Winter 3D Screensaver
Night City 3D Screensaver
3D Grandfather Clock Screensaver
Cathedral 3D Screensaver
Living Cell 3D Screen

Complete Astro Gemini Collection CD
Special Promotion! Get our Complete Collection, containing absolutely all Astro Gemini screensavers worth over $520 for just $120 plus $9.95 shipping. A perfect gift!
Complete Astro Gemini Collection CD
Get all of the outstanding animated 3D screensavers from Astro Gemini Software. This awesome collection will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding screensaver fans.







120.00 USD


Desktop Enhancements / Themes

Operating System



Astro Gemini
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