IGetMail 2.3

    IGetMail is a Windows utility that automatically downloads e-mail messages from multiple remote servers, to a single, local e-mail server. IGetMail adds on to your local SMTP-compliant e-mail server to automate the downloading of e-mail from multiple remote servers. When you have a Microsoft Exchange Server, or a Eudora World Mail Server, or a UNIX based local e-mail server running, AND you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your company's Internet domain, you will experience an e-mail routing problem. Your employees' e-mail messages are sent to the ISP's machine that is hosting your domain. These messages are stored on your ISP's server until you pull the messages down. IGetMail solves this e-mail routing problem for you. It automatically dials up the ISP, retrieves, and forwards e-mail messages to your local e-mail server. IGetMail runs according to a time schedule that you define, and it operates with just a regular modem and phone line. Now your e-mail server can complete its job and route your e-mail accordingly. IGetMail can download messages sent to multiple Internet domains. This is designed for companies that receive e-mail addressed to one or more domains. IGetMail downloads and sorts e-mail sent to "group" or Internet domain accounts, so your local e-mail server can distribute appropriately. IGetMail also supports downloading of messages from multiple individual accounts. This is designed to streamline your e-mail collection process when you have employees using accounts established with third-party e-mail suppliers.



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Internet / E-mail

Operating System

Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000


Lockstep Systems Inc
Program system requirements: Windows 9X/NT4/2000/XP 2.5MB RAM, 1 MB hard disk space

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