World Coins Explorer 1.0

    Flexible and easy to use coins inventory and cataloguing program. Ships with the full US catalogue (also coins images), US coins market prices and auction searches . Other catalogues are published periodically.
Using an interface similar to the window explorer it supports every type of collection style.
WCE is very similar to Windows Explorer. A left-hand pane lets you quickly navigate in the catalogue/inventory and a right-hand pane shows a summary of the folder content; the left part of the right-hand pane shows the details of the currently selected item. The list-view pane can show data details in various modes that are totally (and easily) customizable.
WCE facilitates multiple Catalogue; lets you organize your data in nested Folders (USA/3 cents) and lists (Coins I wan); it lets you define and store complex queries. WCE fully supports drag-and-drop between folders and Catalogues and allows you store cross data references. It is also possible to connect to a coin many attachments.
Two wizards let you create, in minutes, new Catalogues.
WCE is totally flexible, you can decide to add / remove from the coins data the info you do not want / need using the form designer.
Two powerful search utilities (a quick search and a proper find utility) let you build queries like ‘all USA silver coins minted in 1870 weighting more than 20 grams’.
With WCE: coins lists can be faxed or e-mailed. It is possible to print Index cards. The Report editor lets you select which fields and graphics to print, position them and select appropriate fonts. Flexible inventory, missing and owned coins reports are available. You can import data from Access, Excel. Data copy from existing catalogues with a keystroke
Every telephone # or Web address is just a keystroke away using the Dialing or Web Integration feature.A wastebasket allows you to recover deleted data and a Backup/Restore option prevents disasters.
And a lot a lot more









Home & Education / Hobby

Operating System

Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000


Maurizio Maccani
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