ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel 3.10
A structural steel reference and AutoCAD drafting tool for steel construction. View dimensions and properties. Search for shapes by property values. Convert shape lists between US and metric. Calculate area and weight. Print Shape Data. With 2D3DSteel you can draw accurate shapes in AutoCAD 2000 through 2005. Based on AISC Manual of Steel Construction LRFD Third Edition. Shapes are available in US Imperial and Metric units.
structural, steel, detailing, dimensions, design, properties, software, reference, tools, construction,
MITCalc - Beam Calculation MITCalc - Beam Calculation 1.15
Calculations of straight max. three times static indefinite beams with constant axis-symmetrical profiles. Simple definition of the beam type, 40 types of cross sections, graphic illustration of the moment, stress, deflection and bending angle. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units. The application includes also a table of materials and a table of area characteristics of W, S, C, L.
beam, beam calculation, straight beam, moment, stress, deflection, bending angle, din 1025, 1026, 1028,
BlueSender BlueSender 2.0
BlueSender is an application, which allows you to transfer files from a computer equipped with a Bluetooth adapter to all Bluetooth devices such as telephones, PDAs and others in a range. BlueSender is a convenient and easy-to-use program that has many features including the support of synchronous file transfers to all Bluetooth devices in a range, the capability of the file transfer without a prior procedure of pairing.
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AVD Volume Calculator AVD Volume Calculator 5.1
This powerful tool calculates volume and mass of composite 3-D objects. The American metric system, the British metric system and the standard metric system (SI) are available. With internal convertor you may convert the units from American/English units to the metrical unit system (SI) and vice versa.
calculator, geometry, mass, volume, steel, structure, freeware, avlan design, download, shareware,
MITCalc - Buckling Calculation MITCalc - Buckling Calculation 1.15
Calculation of the optimum cross-section of slender struts strained for buckling and calculation of the appropriate strength check according to Johnson, Tetmajer, Euler and Secant method. Simple definition of the strut type - 40 types of predefined cross sections.Used standards: DIN 1025, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1024, AISC W, S, C, L, LU
buckling, slender strut, beam, column, moment, stress, safety, din 1025, 1026, 1028,
2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0
This application uses a highly flexible, general, finite element method for static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D Trusses and 2D Frames.It features a versatile-easy interface and the most reliable finite element calculation library.It features a powerful, interactive and easy interface.Its simple interface results into time saving while modeling and analyzing any type of static system.Static and dynamic analysis in a couple of mins!
finite elements, statics, beam, analysis, moment, force, truss, frame, fem, finite element,