Library Manager

Library Manager Library Manager 6.6.1
It is a Complete Soln. for All Library Needs. It can also work as a Information Mgmt. System for Students, Staff and Books. Various types of Reports/Lists can be generated. Daily Entry of Magazine and Newspaper can be made to print their Bills. The Issual/Deposit of Books/Magazine/Newspaper can be easily managed. New Feature added are printing of multiple BarCodes and minor Bug fixed.
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Granthaalok: The Book-Library Manager Granthaalok: The Book-Library Manager 1.0
Manages library (book entry, disposal, lending and returning; membership entry and exit etc.) records in a password-protected way. Has also an adder to add up to 40 modifiable numbers, each even multiplied by a factor such as 2 or 3 etc. (by default, 1).
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