4vidas 4vidas 1.52
4vidas freeware includes all information about how to naturally increase the immune system effectiveness to keep your health on check at all times. It includes free scientific studies, videos and information about how natural products are able to act as extremely effective immune system modulators that actively perform as intelligent agents by teaching your immune system how and where to fight and kill diseases in a completely natural way.
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myFlixer myFlixer
myFlixer lets you keep track of your NetFlix movie Queue right from your computer's desktop. Easily see all the movies in your Queue, what's been shipped and your recent returns. It sits right in your computer's desktop taskbar and updates everytime a change occurs to your NetFlix account. Display movie cover art and the description of every movie in your Queue.
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Vista Ai File Finder Vista Ai File Finder 1
VistaGlance is a revolutionary program with elements ofh in computer human interaction and human perception to increase efficiency of documents-related work up to 30 percents.Apply unlimited number of keywords to files with Explorer context menu.Use keywords in your search query. Specify Favorite Keywords and apply them to files in one click. Use parts of file names you remember rather than guess exact file name. Anyway you look at it you need it
file manager, file organizer, file finder, vista, vistaglance, indexing, searching tool, access files, instant search, deskbar,
Capturex Image Grabber Capturex Image Grabber 1.4
Capturex is a DirectShow image grabber designed to save stills from videos to a wide range of image formats. It has a intuitive GUI with an instant preview of every grabbed frame and the possibility to open the image in any external image editor direct from the application. Also drag-drop support is implemented and a history list of used editors. Can save images to .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .wmf, .emf, .tiff, .png, .ico, pcx and jpeg2000
avi, mpg, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, wmf, ico, emf,
Bearflix Bearflix 5.0.0
With over 50 million daily worldwide users, Bearflix is the Internet?s Premier Downloading Software. Using newly developed downloading and searching tools, Bearflix improves upon already existing programs such as LimeWire, Bearshare, and Ares. Bearflix allows you to search for multiple files simultaneously, and is most renowned for its ease-of-use, cross-platform compatibility and completely ad and pop-up free.
mp3, music, movies, games, software, pictures, videos, file, files, p2p,
Duplicate File Finder & Remover Duplicate File Finder & Remover 7.0
Find and delete duplicate and similar files on your computer. You decide which dupe files are safely sent to the Recycling Bin. Search and remove doubles / multiples of your image, media and any other type of files.
delete, files, find, remove, search, dedupe, dupe, same, deleting, finding,
aPQ iPod Video Converter aPQ iPod Video Converter 2.0
iPod Video Converter is a One-Click solution to convert Tivo, DivX Video, MPEG, WMV, AVI, RealMedia and many more to iPod Video in high quality. Support batch conversion mode, AVC(H.264) to produce smaller high quality video file, auto-stretch to 4:3 options, etc. Watch iPod movies, TVs, home videos on the go - a new lifestyle to experience. - Free to download
ipod, movie, videos, dvds, converter, downloads, video to ipod, convert video to ipod, movie to ipod, video ipod,
LePlayer LePlayer 2.1
LePlayer is today's most comprehensive video search tool. Previously internet users were restricted by locating videos from a web site and watching them while remaining on that site, till now. LePlayer gives you the freedom to watch millions of videos from around the world while you surf, email, chat or word process by clicking a button (Float Video). Select from over 2.7 million videos and almost 2000 categories
video, videos, demand, search, browse, watch, tool, leplayer, youtube, myspace,
BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server 2.72
Need to share Excel spreadsheets over the web? BadBlue's Excel Collaboration tool lets multiple users edit the same spreadsheet using only browsers. They don't need Excel and they don't even need Windows! BadBlue's collaboration server is incredibly easy to set up, and includes a step-by-step tutorial. Multi-user conflict resolution, cell-by-cell security, audit logging... it's all here. Download it now and get started free!
excel, word, access, browser, file sharing, ftp, uploads, downloads, photos, music,
Audials One Audials One 3
Legally download thousands of MP3s and music videos from 80 different genres by over 70k artists from 20k different web radio stations and video portals for free. One of a kind MusicFinder monitors 2k stations simultaneously. Podcasts. Universal converter legally removes DRM copy protection and converts music, audio books, videos and films to 100 different formats for portable devices (e.g. Apple iPod & cell phones) with unique quality control.
mp3, downloads, music, finder, videos, clips, internet, radio, tv, tags,
DivXLand Media Subtitler DivXLand Media Subtitler 2.0.1
DivXLand Media Subtitler allows you to create and edit external subtitle files for AVI, MPG, WMV and all type of videos fast and easily. The subtitle creation process consists in using a plain text file containing the dialog lines in sequential order and apply these lines as subtitles into the opened media file during the video playback using just a click.
subtitle, videos, mpeg, avi, wmv, divxland, subtitler,
A V S - DVD Copy A V S - DVD Copy
AVS DVD COPY - Copy DVDs/CDs, create DVD discs for home DVD Players and write data quickly and easily. Simple and intuitive interface, a variety of hot features and supported media types make AVS DVD Copy a most convenient and demanded software to make DVD copies, create DVD discs for home DVD Players and perform other burning tasks.
dvd copy, avs, backup, clone, burn, copy, dvd, dvds, dvd's, dvd copy,
Bearshare Pro Bearshare Pro 5.0.0
With over 50 million daily worldwide users, Bearshare Pro is the Internet?s Premier Downloading Software. Using newly developed downloading and searching tools, Bearshare Pro improves upon already existing programs such as LimeWire, iMesh, and Ares. Bearshare Pro allows you to search for multiple files simultaneously, and is most renowned for its ease-of-use.
mp3, music, movies, games, software, pictures, videos, file, files, p2p,
Convert AVI to MPEG Software Convert AVI to MPEG Software 7.0
Create multiple MPG/MPEG files from multiple AVI files.
creating, converting, avis, mpegs, mpgs, mpg's, mpeg's, avi's, .mpg, .avi,
AnvSoft PSP Movie Maker AnvSoft PSP Movie Maker 1.10
AnvSoft PSP Movie Maker transfers your digital camcorder tapes and various video files into high quality movie playable on PSP. It is a video editing and MPEG-4 video file converting software. With ANVSOFT PSP Movie Maker, you can capture video clips from your camcorder, add various video files, edit your home movies right on your computer and turn your digital media into memorable projects on PSP to share with family and friends.
psp video, ipod video, 3gp video, mobile video, video on psp, psp movie, mpeg-4, mp4, psp converter, psp,


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